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QL D'Fresh Eggs (Large) | QL 40%低胆固醇优质鸡蛋 (10pcs/pack)
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Nutrition Value

Protein, g/100g 13.1
Fat, g/100g 9.6
Carbohydrate, g/100g 0.2
Ash, g/100g 0.9
Moisture, g/100g 76.2
Energy, Kcal/100g 140 (588kJ)
Cholesterol, mg/100g 204.3


  • QL Deli Fresh eggs are up to 40% lower in cholesterol content as compared to normal eggs.

    The cholesterol content of a normal egg is 372 mg per 100 g based on Nutrient Data published by the USDA. The cholesterol content of QL Deli Fresh (204 mg) as tested by UKM Unipeq are up to 40% lower in cholesterol in comparison.

  • Classics that are a class above.
    What's in our QL Deli Fresh's classics? 40% less cholesterol for starters, achieved through the quality natural feed for our chickens. Improved with probiotics in our feed to keep our chickens healthy, so they do not fall sick and require antibiotics. Our cutting edge clean environment and hygienic processing allow us to give you the freshest, quality nourishment Mother Nature has to offer with:

    • 40% lower cholesterol than normal eggs

    • No synthetic colours

    Start your day with eggs that is a class above other classics.

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