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Corn Chicken | 玉米鸡 (1.4-1.5kg) M Size
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  • Growing in green environment and farm located far from city | 在远离城市良好的环境养殖成长
  • Chicken farm has a large space | 鸡场有广大的空间,鸡自由跑动,肉质必自然结实
  • Chicken grew for 3 months before out of market| 每只鸡养殖期超过90天到120天
  • Meat is firm and juicy | 肉质紧实鸡味浓
  • 100% no injection | 100% 没有长肉剂
  • 100% no antibiotic | 100% 没有抗生素
  • 100% organic feeding | 100% 有机保健饲料喂养
  • Frozen immediately after slaughtered | 现宰活鸡,即冷冻

It is a food that mainly of people like to eat today. It is high nutrition and tasty.
Chicken meat is firmer, everyone loves to eat it. 

⭕Benefit of eating
Eating chicken breast suppresses and controls a body's homocysteine amino acid levels which, if too high, can lead to cardiovascular disease

✅ Who can eat
Majority of people can eat

❌ Who cannot eat
People who suffering from hypertension, hyperlipidaemia, cold with headache cannot eat


是现今的人都很喜欢的一种食材, 因为它相比其他的鸡有更加丰富的营养,口感也更加的好。鸡的肉比较结实,肉质结构和营养比例更加合理,而且味道极其鲜美


✅ 适宜人群

❌ 禁忌人群



Recipe | 菜谱



white cut chicken 白斩鸡




Steamed whole seasoned chicken with rice 白斩鸡饭




Ginseng Chicken Soup 人参鸡汤




Herbed Roasted Chicken 香草烧鸡



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