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Fish Paste Bean Curd Sheet | 腐皮鱼肉 - 40年老字号 (5pcs/pack)
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  • 2 pieces of Fu Chuk or Bean Curd Sheet | 两张薄腐竹皮
  • Fish Paste | 中间一层鱼鲛
  • Aftertaste | 口感回味
  • No preservatives | 没有防腐剂
  • Produce daily | 每日限量生产

Fish Paste Bean Curd Sheet, 40 Year Laozihao

This is a traditional business in Seri Kembangan, formerly known as Serdang New Village that established and operated by a loving couple. It has been operating for 40 years. Every piece of fried tofu skin (bean curd sheet) is coupled with the production of their intentions, insist on only the best to consumers. Therefore, their fried tofu skin gives an incomparable flavour – a flavour of hometown. The couple who have 40 years of experience in making tofu skin did not intend to find the next generation to continue to their business. They are now operating to spend time. The taste of traditional tofu skin is remained unchanged and delicious as before.


⭕Benefit of eating
prevent arteriosclerosis, prevent cardiovascular disease, protect the heart; contain a variety of minerals, supplement calcium, prevent osteoporosis caused by calcium deficiency, promote bone development, and are extremely beneficial to the growth of bones in children and the elderly.


✅Who can eat
Majority of people can eat


❌Who cannot eat
People who suffering from nephritis avoid eating











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1 reviews
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5 pcs Fish Paste Bean Curd Sheet x1