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Lettuce Mesculin Mix Salad | 混合生菜沙拉 ±250g
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  • Also known as leaf lettuce, lettuce | 也被称叶用莴笋、鹅仔菜、莴仔菜
  • Taste crispy | 清脆口感
  • Juicy, smooth taste & nutritious | 多汁爽滑,营养丰富
  • Smell good to taste | 浓香软嫩

Lettuce belonging to the daisy family Asteraceae is an annual plant that is generally cultivated as a leaf vegetable. Lettuce is not only an essential ingredient of salads, but it is also used in soups, sandwiches and other preparations. Lettuce was originally consumed mostly in Europe and America but by the late 20th century, it had spread to other parts of the world as well. Lettuce is rich in nutrients and has been consumed for its dietary and medicinal benefits since a long time.


⭕Benefit of eating
Lettuce can clearing away heat and calming nerves, clearing liver and gallbladder, nourishing stomach. People who faced the stomach problems, vitamin C deficiency, obesity, high cholesterol, neurasthenia, liver and gall diseases are encourage to eat. Having lettuce whether cook or non-cooked can help women maintain a slim body


✅Who can eat
Suitable for majority of the people. Especially suitable for people with insomnia, high cholesterol and neurasthenia


Who cannot eat
People who have frequent urination and cold stomach not recommend to eat much



生菜是菊科的一年生植物。 它最常以叶类蔬菜的形式生长,但有时也以茎和种子的形式生长。 生菜最常用于沙拉,尽管它也出现在其他食品中,例如汤,三明治和卷饼。 它也可以烤食。







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Lettuce Mesculin Mix Salad | 混合生菜沙拉 250g x1